Our work

A toolkit to value our planet

As a Foundation, we develop educational exhibitions, events, participation in fairs, co-design of courses, workshops, plus services for schools and cientists.

We evaluate all formats as a way of sharing knowledge of our underwater heritage. With a three pronged toolkit (science, education y nautical activities), we hope to share a global vision of what it means to live together between ecosystems.

Feel free to reach out and tell us your needs and let’s conceive together a Ocean Literacy activity that works for you!

Semestral budget: $23.175.600 CLP

Our Programs

Microcósmos oceánico
(Oceanic Microcosm)

Despite it’s importance, plankton remains being not very well known among the population.

With this in mind, CIDEMAR Foundation created “Microcosmos oceánico: Descubriendo los misterios del plancton” (Oceanic Microcosm: Discovering the misteries of plankton), a travelling educational exhibition which shows the key rol of this organism in the marine food web.

Semestral budget: $4.538.900 CLP

This budget contemplates 14 instances of this activity, reaching more than 3000 people. This budged funds a team of three professionals, plus a program manager.

Our Programs

Alianza Playera
(Chilean Beach Alliance)

The Alianza Playera de Chile (APCL) coordinates and unifies the effort of several key actors (authorities, centers and clubs of nautical activities, businesses, NGOs and volunteers) for the organization of shore cleaning events all over the country, accompanied by educational activities that contribute to the public’s awareness of our daily habits.

Target: $12.068.800 CLP

This budget contemplates three instances of this multi-territorial activity. It funds a team of two professionals tasked with the management of the member of this  national initiative.

Our Programs

Litoral Chileno
(Chilean Coastline)

Litoral Chileno (Chilean Coastline) is a photographic exhibition and an audiovisual online resource that aims to spread knowledge about the richness of the chilean coastline and the biodiversity that inhabits it. 

Exploring it you will be able to visualize the effects of Climate Change and human-made pollution in our ecosystems.

Target: $3.505.900 CLP

This budget takes into account 7 presentations to a crowd of 2.000 people. It finances a team of three professionales, plus a program manager.

Funded partially by the Competitive Funds Program Mi UV of the University of Valparaíso.

Other Programs

Educational Interventions

The Foundation develops interventions in the hope of spreading knowledge about the ocean to audiences of all ages.

University Outreach

The University Outreach program targets different fields of study, aiming to develop a multidisciplinary network of students and professionals committed with our aquatic environment, and providing them alternatives to get involved in its protection, whether it is as an intern or acting as a CIDEMAR Ambassador.

Scientific Liaison

Working closely with the scientific community, CIDEMAR Foundation strives to contribute to the spreading of new knowledge about the aquatic environments produced both in Chile and the world.

You can also help in the spread of knowledge!

Our life force is the commitment of many, involve yourself in the change and educate your community about our shared aquatic heritage.

Do you want to be part of a multidisciplinary team and develop your abilities with an innovative approach, applying them directly in the field? Then step in and see the ways you can get involved!