CIDEMAR Foundation

CIDEMAR Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization with the mission of aquatic ecosystem  conservation through scienceeducation and nautical activities.

This three tools allow us to contribute to the allows us to contribute to the value of aquatic life and critical habitats by means of awareness raising and an invitation for each and everyone on of us to protect life through action.

Current Programs

Your donation constitutes the most of our budget and it can produce a major impact in the conservation of our aquatic ecosystems. Don’t forget, every drop counts: donate the cost of a cup of coffee ($ 3.50 USD) and help us foster a healthier and more prosperous for us to share!

An interactive exhibition about the importance of plankton for the ecosystems.

Semestral budget: $4.538.900 CLP

An interinstitutional effort for the value of our coastal spaces of recreation.

Semestral budget: $12.068.800 CLP

A travelling and digital exhibition that invites you to discover the riches of the chilean coast and the biodiversity which inhabits it.

Semestral budget: $3.505.900 CLP

¡You can also help!

Your contribution makes a difference. Your time, experience or voluntary payment allows us to make more and better strides each day.